A Valentine’s gift of sharing and support…

15 Feb

Last night I held two very special ‘Valentine’s Pregnancy Yoga with Birth Partners’ sessions. From the moment I stepped out yesterday evening I could feel that love  was indeed in the air… nearly every other person I met was rushing on their way carrying flowers. The ladies at the florist next to where I work were busy doing a brisk trade yet still seemed to be bursting at the seams with flowers. The cafe’s were full and the restaurants were lighting a sea of candles.

I enjoyed setting the room up, but I always do, it’s such an important aspect of the practice; much like how packing away is a very therapeutic wind down and reflective time.

It was so great to see the first of my Clients bounce into the room bringing her birth partner with her. Tonight, she had taken the lead and this was his Valentine’s surprise gift. He was speechless, she was proud, he hugged her.

The role of the Birth Partner is so important to us at Yogita London, and sometimes we feel as though it can be overlooked and under rated. We often hold a Birth Partner session during our courses as we believe that it makes for a more accessible home practice for our clients and that this is a shared journey.

Our Pregnancy Yoga classes offer lots of different hints and tips across the weeks which help our Clients through pregnancy, labour and beyond. But last night we wanted the Birth Partners to get an insight into, and also understand, some of these aspects and how they can positively influence and support certain situations.

With the partners sitting side by side the sessions flowed through gentle warm ups, breathing techniques, partner work, to eventually all of us finding our pelvic floors, we relaxed, we went through a few different labour scenarios, practicalities and questions. I’m not going to go into the details of what we did, if you want to know more, come and join us! But what I will say is this…

The partner asanas (poses) were undertaken with such sincerity and grace from all. At one point with the couples intertwined, I wished I could freeze the moment and preserve it forever with them. It was indeed how I had hoped it would be when I advertised it as ‘come and place your hearts around baby this Valentine’s’..they truely did.

As the couples left with happy hearts and disappeared off to enjoy the remainder of their last Valentine’s evening as a couple I stepped out onto an Angel Islington transformed! I was greeted by happy couples cradling flowers; the florists had stayed open late and had hardly anything left to pack away, business had been great! The restaurants were now brimming over with tightly nestled tables full of couples soaking up the atmosphere. And there were couples smooching everywhere on the streets, yes smooching!

I thank everyone who came to my sessions last night as you made it a truly memorable evening which didn’t feel like work at all and made the time I spent away from my own family, putting the kids to bed and being with my husband, worth it. And that’s what I wanted from my career change away from Corporate London, I wanted it to mean something, feel as though I had made a difference and that it was something I believed in.

My day, which had started with the birth of my niece Sophie Lillian, ended at home with sleeping Angelitos, my husband, flowers and some bubbles.. Safe passage for all of my Yogita London babies and welcome to the world little Sophie Lillian.

If you would like to know more about any of our Pregnancy Yoga, Birth Preparation, Mum & Baby Yoga, Dads & Baby Yoga, Baby Massage, Family Baby Massage or Crawlers Plus Yoga classes please visit out website www.yogitalondon.co.uk or email us at info@yogitalondon.co.uk


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