Nervous getting out to Mama & Baby Yoga?

25 Jan
I’m always quite conscious that, for some ladies, getting out and about following the arrival of your little one can feel a little challenging at times, but we sometimes don’t always express this.
Sometimes we see other mums and couples and think that they are coping so much better than we are and seem so much more able than us; however we all have our strengths and coping mechanisms as new parents (it’s a huge transition point in our lives), and we also all sometimes wear our masks to deflect what’s really going on.
I was emailing my ladies this morning about the new series of Mama & Baby Yoga at Yogita London and so I thought I’d share with them, and you, my experience of getting out to my first Mum & Baby Yoga class as it may help any of you who are perhaps finding it a little overwhelming getting out and about with little one.
Firstly, I hope that it’s beginning to feel a little less like you’re trying to organise a small ‘moon landing’ every time you try to leave the house; I remember well all of the bags, buggies, changes of clothes, catering for all seasons within one day which went with having a little one!
But I do also remember how nice it was to get out with my little ones and also to see people with babies around the same age and realise that actually, everything that you’re experiencing is quite normal and you can see that everyone else is pretty much going through the same things as you and baby!
I was actually really nervous going out to my first mum and baby yoga class with my daughter Alej, but when I arrived at class I saw a familiar face from pregnancy yoga and sat next to her. Her baby was a few weeks older than mine, and just seeing her smile and look excited to meet Alej was enough to settle any nerves. Sure Alej cried every now and again, all the babies did at some point, but it didn’t bother any one. So I knew that I could drop the worries of ‘what if Alej cried the whole time and everyone’s looking at me’ off of my list.
I was also a little self conscious still about breast feeding in public and I was really struggling with my milk supply at points too which didn’t help. So I expressed part of a bottle which took forever to do and took a carton of formula to top up with; then when I got there I was self conscious that I had a bottle (the old ‘bad mother for not breast feeding’ feeling) until I saw someone else with a bottle too – but actually, those two self conscious moments allowed me to pick up my confidence: It didn’t matter I had a bottle, I had to work really hard to express that little piece of milk; and on the good days when my milk really kicked in and just wouldn’t stop it was nice to sit in a room where I didn’t have to feel like I was an exhibitionist!
With my son Javi some days all he wanted to do was his section of baby yoga, have a super quick feed and fall asleep – I didn’t get as much of the class for me on those days (although it’s amazing how much you can still do with a feeding and sleeping baby), but I did get out and do something with the kids which I could then do at home with them each day.
I soon became very familiar and comfortable about changing the kids if needed in class and I was very sad when Alej and Javi got on the move and my classes ended. But I still keep in touch with some of the people from class and I used to see others out and about in the local parks and say hi – it’s always funny when you hear someone say how they thought that you looked really fresh and together in class when underneath you felt shattered and not very together at all; in fact you thought they looked really fresh and together and then found out that they actually felt just the same as you all the long!
So with all of those points in mind, and more, I looked to create an environment at Yogita London where the worries of new parenthood, that we sometimes carry around, can be address and accepted. There are many amazing mum and baby yoga teachers out there, however for Yogita London I also think it’s important that you have an experienced mum leading the class who can appreciate what is going on in front of them in terms of baby and you, and who can swap a class around to suit it. Someone that if you need to ask a parenting question, can answer it or point you in the right direction.
A venue which is central, with easy access, on good transport routes and has a place to stop afterwards for a few minutes while you get yourself together. A venue which is family and community orientated in its very nature and has dedicated baby change facilities and buggy parking. A venue with family friendly cafes and coffee houses all around for when baby is asleep after class and you have some time to just stop and be; or perhaps to go to with someone from class.
It goes without saying that a bottle warmer, water for you and all of the equipment that you need for your class is provided so that you can concentrate on bringing yourself, baby and baby’s bag so that you can simply enjoy and share the baby yoga, your postnatal yoga and the combined Mama & Baby Yoga elements.
Where ever you are living right now, I do hope that you are able to get out and about for some Mum & Baby Yoga with your little one and that you find an environment as warm, relaxed, respectful and dedicated as Yogita London! Here’s to happy and healthy times ahead with your little one!

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