Nervous getting out to Mama & Baby Yoga?

25 Jan
I’m always quite conscious that, for some ladies, getting out and about following the arrival of your little one can feel a little challenging at times, but we sometimes don’t always express this.
Sometimes we see other mums and couples and think that they are coping so much better than we are and seem so much more able than us; however we all have our strengths and coping mechanisms as new parents (it’s a huge transition point in our lives), and we also all sometimes wear our masks to deflect what’s really going on.
I was emailing my ladies this morning about the new series of Mama & Baby Yoga at Yogita London and so I thought I’d share with them, and you, my experience of getting out to my first Mum & Baby Yoga class as it may help any of you who are perhaps finding it a little overwhelming getting out and about with little one.
Firstly, I hope that it’s beginning to feel a little less like you’re trying to organise a small ‘moon landing’ every time you try to leave the house; I remember well all of the bags, buggies, changes of clothes, catering for all seasons within one day which went with having a little one!
But I do also remember how nice it was to get out with my little ones and also to see people with babies around the same age and realise that actually, everything that you’re experiencing is quite normal and you can see that everyone else is pretty much going through the same things as you and baby!
I was actually really nervous going out to my first mum and baby yoga class with my daughter Alej, but when I arrived at class I saw a familiar face from pregnancy yoga and sat next to her. Her baby was a few weeks older than mine, and just seeing her smile and look excited to meet Alej was enough to settle any nerves. Sure Alej cried every now and again, all the babies did at some point, but it didn’t bother any one. So I knew that I could drop the worries of ‘what if Alej cried the whole time and everyone’s looking at me’ off of my list.
I was also a little self conscious still about breast feeding in public and I was really struggling with my milk supply at points too which didn’t help. So I expressed part of a bottle which took forever to do and took a carton of formula to top up with; then when I got there I was self conscious that I had a bottle (the old ‘bad mother for not breast feeding’ feeling) until I saw someone else with a bottle too – but actually, those two self conscious moments allowed me to pick up my confidence: It didn’t matter I had a bottle, I had to work really hard to express that little piece of milk; and on the good days when my milk really kicked in and just wouldn’t stop it was nice to sit in a room where I didn’t have to feel like I was an exhibitionist!
With my son Javi some days all he wanted to do was his section of baby yoga, have a super quick feed and fall asleep – I didn’t get as much of the class for me on those days (although it’s amazing how much you can still do with a feeding and sleeping baby), but I did get out and do something with the kids which I could then do at home with them each day.
I soon became very familiar and comfortable about changing the kids if needed in class and I was very sad when Alej and Javi got on the move and my classes ended. But I still keep in touch with some of the people from class and I used to see others out and about in the local parks and say hi – it’s always funny when you hear someone say how they thought that you looked really fresh and together in class when underneath you felt shattered and not very together at all; in fact you thought they looked really fresh and together and then found out that they actually felt just the same as you all the long!
So with all of those points in mind, and more, I looked to create an environment at Yogita London where the worries of new parenthood, that we sometimes carry around, can be address and accepted. There are many amazing mum and baby yoga teachers out there, however for Yogita London I also think it’s important that you have an experienced mum leading the class who can appreciate what is going on in front of them in terms of baby and you, and who can swap a class around to suit it. Someone that if you need to ask a parenting question, can answer it or point you in the right direction.
A venue which is central, with easy access, on good transport routes and has a place to stop afterwards for a few minutes while you get yourself together. A venue which is family and community orientated in its very nature and has dedicated baby change facilities and buggy parking. A venue with family friendly cafes and coffee houses all around for when baby is asleep after class and you have some time to just stop and be; or perhaps to go to with someone from class.
It goes without saying that a bottle warmer, water for you and all of the equipment that you need for your class is provided so that you can concentrate on bringing yourself, baby and baby’s bag so that you can simply enjoy and share the baby yoga, your postnatal yoga and the combined Mama & Baby Yoga elements.
Where ever you are living right now, I do hope that you are able to get out and about for some Mum & Baby Yoga with your little one and that you find an environment as warm, relaxed, respectful and dedicated as Yogita London! Here’s to happy and healthy times ahead with your little one!

An amazing ‘Baby Yoga & Yoga for Dad’s’ Mini Workshop!

24 Mar

Had an amazing Workshop of ‘Baby Yoga & Yoga for Dads’ yesterday. Thanks to every single one of you for turning up in a very snowy Angel, Islington! The Dads threw themselves into it with enthusiasm and fun! It was such a great compliment to the ‘Baby Massage with Dads’ Workshop they also joined us for two weeks before!

So many special moments from yesterday! I loved their Warriors (with and without babies); it was awesome to hear the deeper tones of men singing the baby yoga songs (and so well!); it was great to watch them make new acquaintances and catch up with old friends – making plans to go out to the park when they take their extended paternity leave.

For me one of the nicest points of the workshop was when one of the dads said to me that they really appreciated all that their partner did for them and their baby, as they acknowledged that getting themselves together and out with baby was no easy task –  let alone everything else that simply has to happen day on day.

Gentlemen, I’m glad you enjoyed your one to one time with your little ones…watching you all sharing those moments together made my day and will stay with me for a long, long time.. Ladies, I am just so pleased that you had some time for yourselves: some of you caught up on sleep; some had a massage; some had their hair done, while others just enjoyed being…. I love seeing you all week on week and watching how you and your little ones continue to grow…  …so this Sunday evening, as with every Sunday evening, I look forward to the coming week and all of the promise it holds!      

– The Dads Workshops ‘Baby Massage for Dads’ and ‘Baby Yoga & Yoga for Dads’ were led by Jen de Vera.


Our support extends beyond Yoga…

16 Mar

Our support extends beyond Yoga…

From time to time pregnancy doesn’t always take the smoothest route; it is at this point that Yogita London support our Clients on a different level away from the Pregnancy Yoga session.

Very kindly the Hensiek Family have allowed Jen de Vera to share their blog regarding their journey with their twins..Sarah, we thank you so much for allowing us to share so as to allow other ladies who are going through a complicated time to understand that they are not alone and some of the feelings, thoughts and emotions they are feeling are not felt in isolation..we wish you and your family the very best!

Start here and then click ‘home’ on the top left corner of the page to follow their journey!

Jen de Vera

A Valentine’s gift of sharing and support…

15 Feb

Last night I held two very special ‘Valentine’s Pregnancy Yoga with Birth Partners’ sessions. From the moment I stepped out yesterday evening I could feel that love  was indeed in the air… nearly every other person I met was rushing on their way carrying flowers. The ladies at the florist next to where I work were busy doing a brisk trade yet still seemed to be bursting at the seams with flowers. The cafe’s were full and the restaurants were lighting a sea of candles.

I enjoyed setting the room up, but I always do, it’s such an important aspect of the practice; much like how packing away is a very therapeutic wind down and reflective time.

It was so great to see the first of my Clients bounce into the room bringing her birth partner with her. Tonight, she had taken the lead and this was his Valentine’s surprise gift. He was speechless, she was proud, he hugged her.

The role of the Birth Partner is so important to us at Yogita London, and sometimes we feel as though it can be overlooked and under rated. We often hold a Birth Partner session during our courses as we believe that it makes for a more accessible home practice for our clients and that this is a shared journey.

Our Pregnancy Yoga classes offer lots of different hints and tips across the weeks which help our Clients through pregnancy, labour and beyond. But last night we wanted the Birth Partners to get an insight into, and also understand, some of these aspects and how they can positively influence and support certain situations.

With the partners sitting side by side the sessions flowed through gentle warm ups, breathing techniques, partner work, to eventually all of us finding our pelvic floors, we relaxed, we went through a few different labour scenarios, practicalities and questions. I’m not going to go into the details of what we did, if you want to know more, come and join us! But what I will say is this…

The partner asanas (poses) were undertaken with such sincerity and grace from all. At one point with the couples intertwined, I wished I could freeze the moment and preserve it forever with them. It was indeed how I had hoped it would be when I advertised it as ‘come and place your hearts around baby this Valentine’s’..they truely did.

As the couples left with happy hearts and disappeared off to enjoy the remainder of their last Valentine’s evening as a couple I stepped out onto an Angel Islington transformed! I was greeted by happy couples cradling flowers; the florists had stayed open late and had hardly anything left to pack away, business had been great! The restaurants were now brimming over with tightly nestled tables full of couples soaking up the atmosphere. And there were couples smooching everywhere on the streets, yes smooching!

I thank everyone who came to my sessions last night as you made it a truly memorable evening which didn’t feel like work at all and made the time I spent away from my own family, putting the kids to bed and being with my husband, worth it. And that’s what I wanted from my career change away from Corporate London, I wanted it to mean something, feel as though I had made a difference and that it was something I believed in.

My day, which had started with the birth of my niece Sophie Lillian, ended at home with sleeping Angelitos, my husband, flowers and some bubbles.. Safe passage for all of my Yogita London babies and welcome to the world little Sophie Lillian.

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Sharing the love & saying thank you with Prestat Chocolates..

28 Jan

Our incredible journey at Yogita London has only just begun…

Since launching our business we have networked with some inspirational businesses & entrepreneurs; and found much support from mumpreneurs and individuals.

With this in mind we would like to ask you to take a look through our website with a critical eye and offer us some feedback and your thoughts to help us build on our business.

If you like our website then please press our ‘like’ button. If you don’t like it (for whatever reason) then don’t press our ‘like’ button; however perhaps you could help us by giving some feedback via the form located at:

We know that you are all very busy with your own projects and as a thank you for your time, and also a piece of seasonal fun, we will enter all those who take a look through our site into a draw for a heart shaped box of Prestat Chocolates!

To be entered into the draw you simply need to put your name and email address on the form located at to say you’ve popped by; else we can identify you from our ‘like’ button. Please be aware that your email address is only going to be used for contact purposes should you be the lucky winner of our Prestat Chocolates!

For many Prestat is a rare treat and needs little introduction however, to quote Vogue Magazine they “Melt with Desire”

We’ll hold the draw for the Prestat Cholocolates at 8pm on Sunday 12th February and announce the lucky winner via Twitter, our Facebook page as well as on our website. The chocolates will be with the winner on 14th February!

Many thanks for your time.

Kind regards, Jen de Vera

Founder & Director of Yogita London – Pre & Post Natal Yoga for You and Your Little One.

Offering Pregnancy Yoga, Post Natal Mama & Baby Yoga, Baby Massage, Papa & Baby Yoga, Toddler Yoga and Birth Preparation in Islington, Camden & the City.

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Baby Massage the Yogita London way..

6 Jan

So, what happens in a Baby Massage class and what is Baby Massage? We look specifically at what goes on the Yogita London classes and also how the power of touch can be very beneficial for Premature babies..

Baby Massage

Baby massage expressed through gentle movements, often accompanied by melodic rhymes and constant eye contact is a powerful source of multisensory stimulation for your baby.

There are many wonderful benefits to be experienced during a Baby Massage class from the physiological aspects of: improving and helping to build the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems, aiding neurodevelopment and promoting a deeper sleep; to the emotional aspects of touch promoting a bond between you and baby, and the reduction of stress in your baby due to their new environment.

Your unique relationship with Baby

The Yogita London Baby Massage class is a 6 week course suitable from birth to crawling. Every week we progressively build upon each element of a full head to toe baby massage. The class enables you to focus on your unique relationship with your baby and allows you to strengthen that bond. You will notice from week to week your baby’s progress as they begin to build, strengthen and control their muscles.

The flow of Baby Massage

During the class we look at how we can support you to continue baby massage practice at home; this is because the benefits of baby massage are numerous and establishing a daily massage routine will aid you in managing common ailments such as soothing a colicky baby or relieving discomfort caused by wind or constipation or establishing and maintaining a sleep pattern.

You will learn when it’s a good time to massage baby and also when you shouldn’t massage baby. We will go through precautions with regards to the products you can use to safely massage baby. As with our other courses, we will provide you with handouts, information and articles which not only compliment the massage routine but also cover a variety of parenting topics.

Each week we will also informally cover a number of parenting topics which may be of interest to the group such as: Understanding why babies cry; the transition to motherhood; teething; what are key milestones, bottle feeding and breast feeding support for mothers, weaning.

Baby Massage for premature babies

Baby massage can be especially beneficial if you have a premature baby who has not been able to experience their parents touch due to separation in an incubator or whose first experience of touch was unwelcoming due to medical procedures.

Baby massage will help your baby feel more relaxed and calm through the release of the hormone oxytocin which reduces cortisol (stress) levels in the body.

Helping the baby to relax and feel calm may help to stabilise their breathing and heart rate; help them to feed more readily and in turn gain weight. The gentle lifting and stroking of your baby’s limbs can help to strengthen them. It may also encourage a deeper or easier sleep. Baby Massage may also lessen your baby’s possibility of developing osteopenia.

As long as your baby’s medical condition allows, baby massage will enable you to get involved with your baby’s care. If your baby is in hospital please check with your nurse that your baby is medically stable to begin baby massage. If your baby is too poorly for baby massage you may be able to start with contact holding. Contact holding is less stimulating than massage and is where you gently place your still hand on your baby.

Not only are there benefits for your baby, there are benefits for you. Being unable to hold your baby if they are, or have been, in a NICU or special care baby unit can be distressing, massaging your baby will reduce your stress levels and give you an alternative way to feel close to your baby. For mothers, baby massage can help increase your breast milk production through increased levels of oxytocin in your body.

If you need further professional support for yourself, your premature baby and family; Yogita London recommends you visit the special care baby charity which provides vital support and care to premature and sick babies across the UK. The Family Support Helpline number is: 0500 618 140

Baby massage continues on..

Baby Massage doesn’t have to stop when baby starts to crawl; there will always be a place for some form of adapted Baby Massage in your childs life. It could be used later in life to soothe a tummy pain or a growing pain. You will know what is right for you and your child.

Following on from Baby massage I would highly recommend Mum and Baby yoga or Dad and Baby yoga which will greatly enhance your well being and compliment the formulation of your child’s routine..

Mums you will be able to enhance your wellbeing and postnatal recovery through the post natal yoga section of the class and dads you will be able to rid yourself of all those aches and pains you are discovering from carrying baby and prepare yourself for the years of carrying to come!

For further information about our upcoming Baby Massage Classes in Islington & Camden please visit

Jen de Vera.

Yogita London – Pre & Post Natal Yoga for You and Your Little One offering Pregnancy Yoga, Post Natal Mama and Baby Yoga, Baby Massage, Dads and Baby Yoga, Birth Preparation in Islington, Camden & the City.

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Inspiration & hope for the life to come…

6 Jan

Each New Year brings a new beginning and a new hope for the year to come, much like the birth of a child; except the new hope is for the life to come.

..much like the New Year where we strive to make and instill changes to our lives, having a baby makes many changes to our lives which are adjusted to much quicker than any resolution I have ever known.

The transition into the New Year can be a strange start stop time, not fully readjusting until after the celebration season is over and everybody has gone home.

..the transition to parenthood can also be a strange start stop (and exciting) time too. It can be several days, or for some even weeks, after the birth of the child that we actually get to be alone and experience the beginnings of the  transition to becoming a parent: The most amazing, and challenging, role in our new world.

It’s at this point that we begin to view the world differently and think about how to start off on our best laid path of parenthood, and navigating our little ones journey into the world.

As the path of parenting begins to take shape at home, a venture outside can help us to regain confidence, revive us and find vital resources which make the beginning rhythms of a routine for ourselves and baby.

The gentle flow of a Baby Massage class within the first few weeks, or months, can help to enhance our home life not only by helping us form a routine but also by helping us to identify and sooth the beginnings of a colicky baby or establishing and maintaining a sleep pattern.

Baby Massage is something that can be shared and enjoyed by the whole family. So, what can you expect from a Baby Massage class? Well, I can only tell you from my own personal and professional experiences and perspective.

Although each class will vary a little you should be able to lose yourself in class with your baby; enjoying the non verbal communication taking place between you as though you are both in your own private bubble..

During my next blog ‘Baby Massage the Yogita London way….’ I will take you through my own version of Baby Massage which has been created around my own two little inspirations (tucked up in their crib and cot right now) who bring me much hope for the life to come..

Jen de Vera.

Yogita London – Pre & Post Natal Yoga for You and Your Little One offering Pregnancy Yoga, Post Natal Mama and Baby Yoga, Baby Massage, Dads and Baby Yoga, Birth Preparation in Islington, Camden & the City.

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